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Big, bold, bright: The new Omnify!

DLC LumiSheet, an industry leader in LED lighting, has today launched its new company name, changing its name from DLC LumiSheet to Omnify Lighting. The new name accompanies the new brand positioning and website (, which is rooted in our strong belief that innovation is meaningful when it is based on a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and desires. The choice of Omnify as the new company name originates from our strategic vision for the lighting industry; lighting solutions that transform environments, through unwavering consistency across products, resulting in enhanced consumer experiences.
We’re excited to launch Omnify, as it brings together our heritage and legacy products with our latest innovations in a unified solution. Omnify is one collection with multiple markets and customer expectations

-Will Andrew, CEO, Omnify Lighting

While a new chapter begins with the name Omnify, we’ve led the custom backlighting industry for over 17 years with quality and lighting performance through LumiSheet, the original Fawoo LED Light Guide Panel. Our focus remains the same; a relentless path of innovation, designed and built to service our customers. Today, as Omnify, we build on this proud tradition with new technology, delivering consistency, through the revolutionary OmniChip that delivers high CRI and single bin uniformity, across a complete range of made-to-order LED Lighting products for retail, architecture and signage to the world’s leading brands. This rebranding also includes the largest ever product launch for the company with the launch of 38 new products across product categories with a unified cross-product strategy across backlighting, linear lighting and signage categories. All Omnify products are made-to-order matching customer design requirements with customizability across color, temperature, size, shape, wattage and more. While we’ve always been motivated by the desire to help create larger-than-life brand experiences through light in real world environments with absolute consistency, we’ve never considered the number of stores, locations, desks, buildings, or amount of square footage illuminated. We’re driven by the impact that we know that lighting can have when we work with our customers towards a shared intention; fulfilling consumer experiences. Simply put, we’re all about lighting environments to life.