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Omnify Lighting Appoints Mary Argyrides as Sales Director

Mary brings world-class commercial, sales and marketing experience across a variety of lighting industries and end markets with a focus on business services and custom business-to-business lighting solutions.

Omnify Lighting, the leader in custom fabricated backlighting solutions and home of LumiSheet™, today announced they have appointed Mary Argyrides as Sales Director. Mary will continue to develop and build our sales team, with a focus on our business-to-business channels, which are focused on our custom capabilities in North America, as well as in Asia. 

Mary joins Omnify after more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, working across a vast number of end markets and in very entrepreneurial environments. While Mary will undoubtedly work across all customer segments and assist our VP Of Sales, Jeff Harris, and our VP of Part

ner Accounts, Jackie Glazer. However, Mary’s focus will be to lead our direct in-house sales team, as we continue to build our sales team throughout 2022. 

Mrs. Argyrides stated, “I am thrilled to join the dynamic team at Omnify and help grow awareness as well as share their capabilities to the broader market. When I uncovered their core strengths and their numerous strategic advantages, especially during times of turbulent supply chain challenges, I realised the potential. I look forward to the entrepreneurial nature of their team and will focus on supporting our clients within this vibrant market.”

Mr. Andrew said, “Mary brings tremendous experience and a ‘can do’ attitude to our broader sales team. I look forward to her impact and I am excited to work alongside her as we continue to develop the sales team here at Omnify.