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The lights are starting to come back on, and we’re excited to support you with a revitalized energy and passion. As our country and indeed, the world, is cautiously reopening, we recognize that inspiring, beautifully lit environments are as important as ever. Through all of the recent darkness, we never really stopped shining.


Some of our expert management team had a few thoughts on the outlook for what lies ahead:


Will Andrew | CEO

The initial stage of anything new is often challenging, but when the world recently changed, I suspect it was the most dramatic change we will see in our lifetime. This shift created one of the most challenging 90 day periods in history.

In early 2020, the world of retail came off a record-breaking holiday period and, at Omnify, we were thinking about new, world-leading lighting solutions that would enhance our customers’ experiences.

When #COVID-19 started dimming the lights, our team had a spark of inspiration that quickly spread throughout the company. As industry leaders in lighting, we invested a portion of our materials, machines and staff in response to the Canadian Prime Minister, who called on business leaders to step up and help by manufacturing PPE. In response, we launched Stand OnGuard to design, manufacture and supply PPE for multiple markets.

And as the lights start to come back on throughout the world, we are getting ready to launch the foundational work we have been busy building to improve your Omnify experience. We continue to refine our strategies through new investments in product, people and systems, and we are now a re-energized team that is returning to our focus on providing quality custom lighting solutions, made right here in North America.

As more corporations, brands and retailers prepare to re-open, there was a looming question: what can Omnify offer to brands in this post-COVID environment?

We see a need to be even more innovative and creative, as we expand our product offering to enhance environments across both Omnify and OnGuard. We are excited to help and support businesses come back, the same way we helped the frontlines workers with PPE in the midst of the crisis.

Rocky Dundas | VP of Sales

As our customers seek new ways to ensure their brand shines, we’re eager help with new found ingenuity.

Omnify has been busy working on new products and point-case solutions to support bringing environments to life. It is more important than ever to ensure that customers are provided environments that inspire them, drawing them closer to the brands they love. 

Born of deep research conducted over the past few months, we have new lighting solutions and support services that work for every application, and are designed to drive more in-store sales as customers re-engage with loved brands.


Bill Horst | VP of Marketing

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it is that transparency is paramount to build trust and loyalty with customers.  

As more businesses get back on track, we will maintain an increasing online presence. We’ve been working through new digital services and systems to provide our customers with enhanced levels of support. Through active communication, we’ll help you in making sure that you are aware of the best lighting options as you draw up plans and prepare for store re-openings.

With webinars, case-studies, blog posts and a vibrant social presence, we intend to provide you, our valued customers, with all the information you need to make those decisions that are critical to making your business stand out in the new normal.

As a company, we are so much stronger when working with you. And to remain strong, we must recognize the challenges that we face and identify ways to turn those challenges into opportunities. We’re ready to walk the road ahead with you; in the light.

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LumiSheet is the original Fawoo LED light panel with patented technology to provide the best edge-lit illumination, that has revolutionized lighting across industries. With patented technology and design, the premium LumiSheet provides consistent light output, true color rendering and a lifetime of performance.
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With state-of-the-art technology and design, the flagship OmniSheet provides the most consistent light output and true-to-life color rendering.
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OmniStick Slim

Offering higher lumens, the OmniStick Slim is the only choice of linear LED lighting for installations with ultra-shallow spaces like cabinets, retail shelving and architecture highlights.
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Engage UltraSlim

Powered by the patented LumiLite light panels, the Engage UltraSlim provides bright and even illumination. Available in a 5/8” profile, the Engage light boxes have a sleek and modern look that works for any environment.
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Best-Selling Products

OnGuard Healthcare Face Shield

This Health Canada-approved face shield is Made in North America and adheres to the highest medical standards. OnGuard Healthcare Face Shields can be effectively used by front-line workers (medical, dental, veterinary).
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OnGuard Community Face Shield

This Health Canada-approved OnGuard Community face shield is engineered for protection of the facial area from splashes, sprays, and aerosols. These shields are designed for all-day comfort and utilize durable, ultra-clear polycarbonate shield material.
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OnGuard Counter Shield

Get back to business by protecting customers and staff who are in close proximity situations. Our OnGuard Counter Shields are Made-in-North America, and adhere to high quality acrylic standards. OnGuard Counter Shields help reduce the risk of airborne transmission of diseases and are durable, lightweight, and super easy to install.
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OnGuard Restaurant/Desk Shield

Shields have become an essential part of how we interact with one another within shared spaces. Made-in-North America, our OnGuard Restaurant/Desk Shields adhere to high quality acrylic standards and offer protection for your first point of contact. OnGuard Restaurant/Desk Shields can help employees feel more secure as they return to work and provide restaurant patrons with a promise of safety as they gather to celebrate.
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