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2019: The Omnify Lighting Recap

The second half of December, when everything feels festive and special and there’s a break from the usual day-to-day routine, is the perfect time to reflect and look back on what one has experienced, discovered and achieved during the last 12 months.

For us at Omnify Lighting, this yearly review was also a great exercise in mindfulness. It served as a way to slow down, reminisce about our favourite customer moments, and take the time to appreciate all the little and big things (quite a few of those!) that were a part of the Omnify world in the past year. But, most importantly, by establishing what did and did not work for us in 2019, we arrived at a roadmap to create a more impactful and effective experience for our customers in 2020.



2019 Catalogue

We kicked off 2019 by designing our new print catalogue; this was also the first step in building the foundations of the Omnify Lighting brand.

When we started design on the catalogue project, we had ambitious ideas: from making the relevance and value of the new brand and products visible and clear to helping partners, potential customers and lighting consultants find the information they would need in a brand-first format.

Our main goal in designing the Omnify Lighting 2019 catalogue was to offer prospective customers, a quicker, easier way of finding the lighting products that they desired to be embedded in real-world product and marketing situations, and to enable them to make the all-important decision of choosing the right LED lighting solution for their project.

Through applying deep customer research on requirements, a brand-first mindset and a solution-oriented approach, we are extremely proud of the final result!


Team Enhancement

With the objective of providing strategic support to our sales team, Rocky Dundas joined Omnify Lighting as our new Vice President-Sales (Canada). Coming in from Polyconcept, Rocky brought with him over 10 years of sales leadership building sales teams and managing sales efforts across a number of market segments.

We’ve also had additions to the Operations team in the form of Rayon and Teghe, who joined Omnify Lighting as Project Coordinators to support new projects and product applications for our customers.


Innovative Projects

2019 was the year of client projects-big ones, small ones, award-winning ones!

Omnify was directly specified by Sandro for both our lightboxes and fabrics. The initial rollout in Toronto and NYC was successful, with more locations to follow as Sandro was extremely happy with the way their brand was showcased!

Sandro lightboxes and fabrics


Omnify was involved in providing signage to the flagship Covergirl store in NYC (their first ever!); Covergirl wanted to create an unforgettable visual impact with an increase in brand exposure and lift which was achieved by using our iconic LumiSheet..

Covergirl Lumisheet

Roy Thomson Hall
In the underground PATH in Toronto, just under the iconic Roy Thomson Hall, Omnify Lighting installed the largest fabric backlit lightbox ever seen in Toronto… actually, the largest fabric backlit lightbox in North America. Lit by our LumiCurtain, this lightbox is a massive 217 feet of visual brilliance fulfilling our client’s dual objectives of illuminating the entire space and working as an incredibly effective messaging medium and advertising option.

Roy Thomson Hall LumiCurtain Lightbox


NBC Tower
Omnify brought the NBC Tower Office to life with an easy-to-install light engine (LumiCurtain). Balancing the dual requirements of high brightness levels with cost-efficient large-format lighting, Omnify’s LumiCurtain, (a super-bright LED lattice), brought Arktura’s architectural elements to life with larger-than-life impact.

NBC Tower LumiCurtain


Strong Agency Support

Agencies Dashboard

Lighting agencies are one of the channels we leverage at Omnify Lighting to get the word out about our incredible line of products. In order to provide much-needed support to our agency partners, we rolled out a suite of sales collateral that could be used by agencies to support their clients.

Further, we’ve built out a robust toolkit as well as a dedicated portal to be used by agencies as part of the onboarding process that will help them understand the full universe of Omnify offerings.


Brand new, customer-focused website

On April 1st, after 2 months of intense storyboarding and activity, we launched our new website that supported the digital rollout of the Omnify Lighting brand. This new website was built to provide our visitors and customers with an easier way to learn about Omnify’s lighting products, consulting services and solutions while also allowing visitors to browse information based on their own choice.

In the redesign process, we also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more value from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of the Omnify site that much better for you.


Launch of OmniChip

For brand and marketing managers, the consistency of light is the single most important factor in creating a lighting environment that matches your specifications throughout a single store or across multiple store environments.

With the introduction of OmniChip, we’ve solved this consistency problem by using state-of-the-art LED technology to design and manufacture a chip that delivers the highest lighting quality from a single bin. At its heart, the OmniChip is a revolutionary piece of technology that ensures all Omnify LED products provide uniform lighting and have a reliable and long-lasting life.

What this means for our customers is this: when we integrate OmniChip across product categories such as backlighting, linear and signage into our products, you can be assured that any Omnify products will provide consistent lighting starting with the diode.


Groundbreaking, new products

38 New Products

With our goal of lighting environments to life, we released 38 new lighting products across backlighting, linear lighting, signage lighting, interactive mirrors and power and controllers.

These products represent a comprehensive and unified cross-category strategy that’s based off over a decade of quality and lighting performance. All of these products use common processes, components and equipment that have led to industry-leading quality that our customers vouch for. We’re incredibly proud that we offer some of the most comprehensive customization options within our product line across color, size, shape, temperature, wattage and more.

This product line included the award-winning embedded LED light panel-OmniSheet, the edge-lit OmniEdge, the most flexible LED light panel-LumiFlex, the revolutionary LED light bar-OmniStick (including ancillary profiles to accommodate different spaces), the thinnest LED light tape on the market-OmniLine, the super-slim frameless fabric LED lightbox-Engage and an LED lightbox with snap frame-Captivate.


Conferences and Event participation

Global Shop 2019

2019 was a busy year for Omnify’s sales team which attended industry and segment-specific events such as GlobalShop and LightShowWest.

At GlobalShop 2019, Omnify brought to you an exciting range of lighting products that were designed and manufactured with one objective: lighting environments to life to create unforgettable consumer experiences.

At LightShow West 2019, we sought to educate, engage and excite our core audience of architects, designers, engineers, facility managers and other dedicated professionals in the lighting field.


Effective and Timely Sales Collateral

In order to better support our customers and partners, we augmented our existing collateral; specification sheets were updated and designed by keeping product use-cases in mind. Product case studies in the form of brochures were compiled detailing how our products have been used in installations along with the results achieved. Our lighting applications portfolio showcases some of the work we’ve done for global brands across several lighting categories.

Like we said at the outset of this piece, it’s been a busy year. And none of it would have been possible without you-our valued customers.

We thank you for all that you helped us accomplish this year and everything that we will accomplish together in the years to come.

Here’s to a 2020 that’s larger than light life!