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Linear Lighting

The perfect way to highlight certain elements across physical spaces, accent or linear lighting provides visual separation and sets the ambience for layouts in an affordable way.

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Where can you use linear lighting?

Closet Lighting

Closets tend to be some of the darkest areas of homes, which can make seeing everything one has stored in a closet pretty difficult.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting reduces the shadows that are created by standard overhead lighting and brings attention to the architectural elements.

Cove Lighting

Fill any cove with recessed LED strip lighting to add high-end luxury appeal to living rooms, lounges, and other common areas in homes or businesses.

Landscape Lighting

Create drama with shadowing or illuminating paths and entryways or  functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios or pathways.

Display Lighting

Shelf lighting strips are designed for installation under retail display shelves behind trim where the strips are made to match the width of each shelf.

Track Lighting

When you need extra light in workplaces, LED linear track lighting systems will help you maintain working areas such as offices and shops.



The most advanced LED light bar in the industry, OmniStick is a linkable, high-CRI linear light engine that offers premium light dispersion with high brightness.
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OmniStick Mini brings high-quality, glare-free lighting to tight spaces allowing for crisp, even task-level illumination.
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Ideal for highly reflective surfaces and textured areas, the OmniStick Mini Frost provides intense, evenly diffused illumination, minimizing shadows and glare.
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Built with the tightest pitch LEDs for virtually no hotspots, the OmniStick Corner can light up both sides of tight angles with even light distribution.
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Offering higher lumens, the OmniStick Slim is the only choice of linear LED lighting for installations with ultra-shallow spaces like cabinets, retail shelving and architecture highlights.
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With new diodes having high CRI 90+ and high R9 & R13 values, the OmniStick Wide is perfect for tasklevel lighting with accent lighting quality. With a deep profile, the OmniStick Wide is the ideal choice to light recesses in retail and architecture that require precise, uniform light with no hotspots.
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High brightness and adaptability are packed into this slim linear LED light bar. LumiStick is elegant, very easy to install and long lasting.
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Effortlessly brighten tight spaces with crisp, even linear light. This slim LED light bar is only 5/16″ (8 mm) in width, while retaining a high quality of light
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Illuminate tight areas with beautiful, diffused light. This smart little LED stick light is easy to use, combining low-profile linear LED lighting with a built-in diffuser.
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Whether new construction or retrofit, Omnify’s AC Type LED Tube is the perfect choice for replacing linear fluorescent T5 lighting.
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The OmniView is an 8 mm LED light tape that is offered in multiple wattages to meet any kind of lighting requirement. Besides the
standard white, OmniView is also available in CCT and RGB options.
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Powered by the revolutionary OmniChip, the OmniView Plus is an 8mm LED light tape available at a pitch of 8mm that is offered in multiple wattages to meet different types of lighting requirements and budgets.
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Unmistakably, the OmniLine is the thinnest LED light tape on the market with a minimal 4 mm profile. Applicable in several situations, OmniLine fits even the smallest spaces with incredible uniformity.
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While the OmniLine series is the thinnest LED light tape series in the market with a width of 4 mm, the OmniLine Plus takes lighting performance to a new level with a super tight pitch of 4mm.
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Offered in multiple color options, the Neon Strip is a modern, energy-efficient way to achieve an architectural-grade LED neon look.
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Indoor, around the door, the surface-mounted LumiStrip strip light will brighten up any space. With the same color consistency, quality and product life as LumiSheet, LumiStrip can be paired with the rest of the legacy range without any color conflicts.
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