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Why Lightboxes add value to Retail Spaces

  In today’s world retailers are aware that adding backlit signage lightboxes tends to add an inviting dimension to a retail store’s ambience, but having an intentional strategy about how to deploy lightboxes and fabric backlit graphics will actually benefit your overall bottom line. While there are several ways to use lighting techniques to boost retail sales, it’s important to remind ourselves of some of the reasons when and why you’d want to use LED lightboxes instead of less impactful, non-backlit signs.

Maximum Visual Impact

Image of LED lightboxes creating maximum visual impact Let’s face it, your brand message is always in constant competition with so many things trying to capture your audience’s attention – conversation, friends, even phones! And that’s not even including advertising noise from competing brands. In the cluttered retail space, lightboxes are one way to stand out. Place yourself in the shoes of a busy commuter, walker or shopper. Aren’t they more likely to notice a backlit message as opposed to one that isn’t illuminated? Having said that, maybe don’t light up every single message across the store—lighting plays a huge role in what your shopper will focus on—because when everything is important, nothing gets importance. Use light judiciously and smartly, to have your shoppers looking at your most important branding messages and saying, “That’s lit!”

Increased Product Resonance

Image of LED lightboxes creating increased product resonance Arguably, the right amount of light in a retail format can make almost anything pop. The beauty, colour, scheme, detail, quality of your product will shine through a lot more with correctly backlit signage. The right amount of light and shadow highlights texture and works to solicit emotion from the viewer. Plus, using lightboxes to illuminate your message guarantees consistent visibility. This makes it a lot easier for customers to see and to engage with the product. Using quality fabric lightboxes like LumiFabric Ultra Slim instead of staid posters makes your product seem more vibrant and realistic because you can control the lighting environment exactly. That’s the reason you’d notice a lit up movie poster on display at a bus stop and remember it more than the exact same poster in a newspaper or on a flyer. Ever wondered why, sometimes, products don’t look quite as good in real life as they do on a hoarding or advertisement? It’s all in the presentation, and a major component of that is great lighting.

Improved Surrounding Illumination

Image of LED lightboxes improving surrounding illumination Backlit messages also offer more—well, light! Several retailers have begun to consider the light that is provided in the overall environment, and often reconsider their existing commercial lighting fixtures in entirety and end up replacing them with lightboxes. Oftentimes, if done accurately, lightboxes can solve two problems–highlighting key brand and product messaging and increasing(or augmenting) available store lighting. One great example of this is retail stores in malls, that use lightboxes both as a means of advertising and as a source of illumination. At Omnify, not only do our LED lightboxes specify the total light output but we can customize the solution to fit your needs, and make the light as bright or as muted as you would need.

Deeper Customer Connection

Image of LED lightboxes increasing customer connection Darkness usually has negative connotations, and the converse is also true. Light brings with it feelings of sunshine, happiness, brightness, and general positivity. And when someone feels happier, the chances are higher that they’ll want to agree with you and take the plunge towards your product or experience. Light brings vitality and energy, a dynamic that non backlit messages just cannot offer. This energy transfers to the customers and audience. They engage. They believe. They follow. And this ability to activate emotional triggers in consumers is what your brand needs. In summary, retailers who are looking to plan a new retail store or remodel existing stores now even more reasons to consider backlit lightboxes.
  • With new advancements in technology at Omnify, lightboxes no longer have to be thicker; they come with all the benefits of existing lightboxes and are more design friendly. New profiles allow for maximum light output in fabric frames as low as ⅝” thick.
  • Both, hot and dark spots are a thing of the past when the appropriate light engine is applied. Our Panels and Curtain products can guarantee even light distribution across the whole message.
At Omnify, we offer the highest quality of fully customizable lightboxes to match your design for any retail format and would be happy to help you plan out lighting strategy for backlit signage objectives.