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Light Your Way

Quality   |   Speed   |   Custom

We provide high quality, custom-made LED lighting products with complete range of light temperatures in made to order shapes and sizes to meet your brand needs. We are able to carry out a needs assessment and fashion your specifications into the designs.

The Original LED Light Panel - Made To Order

LumiSheet is the original LED light panel that revolutionized retail and architectural lighting. This patented, frameless, embedded edge-lit LED light panel produces a bright, even light across its entire surface. The product category has also expanded to a wide range of of panel thicknesses, starting at 8 mm all the way down to our new patented 2 mm LumiSheet Flex panels. DLC has two patents that allow us to embed the LEDs into our panels, enabling complete flexibility and creativity. With this design, LumiSheet also has a patented heat sink, which protects the LEDs and extends the lifespan to over 70,000 hours, essentially life-long durability with low energy consumption.

Our entire LED lighting product line is customizable to meet your design specifications. This creates a lighting solution that is easy to install and deploy, as we have the ultimate level of customization, both domestically and overseas.

An ideal solution that emits minimal heat with no UV radiation making them a perfect choice for brand retailing and display solutions for cosmetics, fashion accessories, pharmacy products, chocolate and other thermoform surfaces.

curved LumiSheet Flex LED light panel on grey

Design Flexibility

Custom-made LED lighting products with a complete range of light temperatures available in made to order shapes, sizes and wiring to meet your specific needs. We are able to carry out a needs assessment and fashion your specifications into our designs.
LumiSheet LED light panel CCT

Production Oversight

Our patented LED technology can be manufactured identically both domestically and offshore. All critical processes materials and product controls are consistent allowing for the best solution of speed and price. We ensure quality and compliance with all complete solutions being UL Listed.
DLC LumiSheet LED Panels

Pricing Flexibility

We provide the best product and price equation to match your choice designs. Our panels are available either edge lit or in fixed frames at a variety of panel depths providing you the options you need to meet your budget.
DLC LumiSheet Canada Plant
Quick Turnaround

Reliable delivery is one of the top requirements for our customers, as a result we have made this a key element of our systems and processes. We have a team of experienced order processing specialists with an in-house PHD of Electrical Engineering and an in-house certification agent ensuring all our LED lighting products are UL Certified.

As a result, we can expedite any order, no matter how complex, in a matter of hours. We have a manufacturing facility in Markham Ontario and Los Angeles California for local markets as well as plants in China and South Korea.

We are a perfect mix of quality, innovation, variety, and timeliness.

DLC LumiSheet Canada Plant

Domestic Manufacturing

We are able to meet local demands of any magnitude because of our domestic plants in Toronto, servicing the Northeastern USA as well as Los Angeles, servicing the West Coast USA.

Short Lead Times

When you partner with us, you enjoy the best of both worlds. You can expect top quality LED lighting products with fast delivery to facilitate your complex and custom backlighting projects.
LED light boxes by DLC LumiSheet

Repeat Orders

We assign a tracking code to your requisitions to facilitate purchase reconciliation and repeat purchase. Our supply chain expertise saves you time, driving more value when you partner with us.
Uncompromising Quality

Beyond speed, DLC is recognized as the highest quality manufacturer and continues to innovate in the retail and architectural segments. By listening to customers and leveraging our industry relationships, we have continued to develop new and strategically engineered LED lighting products, which has kept us at the industry forefront.

As part of quality standards, we manufacturer and specify LEDs from the top producers who have the ability to maintain the tightest ANSI BIN control in the industry. This ensures consistent color temperatures from order to order, and store to store.

We employ strict in-house quality assurance guidelines and procedures to ensure we lead the industry with our uncompromising quality. Our trained production team will identify areas of concern and make suggestions for our customers to ensure their designs are executed flawlessly.

LumiSheet LED light panel profile

Quality Control

Our processes stay optimized throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee a flawless product. Our warranty recalls are below 0.002%, which highlights our standard output and is recognized across the industry.
Double Sided LED Tube

High End Components

DLC offers a variety of LED lighting products that suit the varying demands of our clients. All of our products are made of the finest components with world-class grade, with the tightest ANSI BIN controls in the industry.
LumiSheet LED light panel lit wall application


Your brand requires the highest level of consistency. Our certified engineers ensure our LED lighting products provide the same level of brightness and temperature from store to store year after year.
Competitive Pricing

One of our unique selling points is our ability to offer different solutions at different price points. When you choose DLC, you gain the dividends of our industry know-how and our ability to offer premium LED lighting products at the right price.

Here are some of the steps we take to ensure we surpass your expectations.


Embedded Quality

Right from the very first stage in our manufacturing facility, we incorporate quality with zero tolerance for design error of any sort. This saves time and resources for amendment and reconfiguration.

Direct Sourcing

DLC has in-house domestic production and exclusive international partnerships, which makes it possible to streamline resources consistency across all our production.
LumiSheet LED light panel curved shelving application

Patented Technology

As an industry leader in innovation we can value engineer the products to meet the price point required. Our broad range of patented LED lighting products allows us to engineer unique designs and offer complex customization.

At DLC LumiSheet, we focus on showcasing your brand through light. We oversee the entire spectrum of you illumination project – with innovative,  high quality products, partnered with on-demand design, concept development, light planning, and timely delivery. Let us, light your way.