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In Gratitude…

I am humbled and grateful for the team we have in place. They are constantly stepping up and stepping in. What I have learned is that are two types of people in this situation. Those that initially focus inward and those that initially focus outward.

Managing these different reactions presents unique challenges, however, the mix actually helps the overall outcome. It is the same reason I value diversity; the collective perspective is more robust and insightful. These are aspects of our company culture; you can hope you have but you won’t know until you feel it or test it.

Today many people are looking to our community and business leaders for their direction. And while that makes good sense, we need to also take a moment to turn the spotlight back on our teams and specifically for me, our team of Omnifiers. Our ability as a company to move swiftly and embrace new ways of doing business has been possible because of the flexibility and dedication of our entire Omnify team, the Management Group, and my Mentors and advisors.

I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for this awesome Team.

While I am consciously aware of, and grateful for, the work our government and our medical community is doing, there are small and midsize businesses out there that are also trying hard to survive and change with the times. It is not easy out there, but we can help each other, and I am deeply grateful for the support we have received across all our business networks.

Internally, we initially went to two shifts to keep our numbers down and of course that impacted everyone in our plant and their families. Unbelievably, and without any issues, everyone simply mobilised and got that done.

We then moved most of our staff to virtual platforms and began working remotely, trying to find ways to collaborate digitally. Again, our team just made it happen in less than 2 days.

Our team also gathered around some of the impactful projects we have always wanted to do, ultimately to enhance our customer experience, improve efficiencies and streamline processes. Previously we joked, “Can’t we just close the business for a few weeks and get all this stuff done?!” As we have learned…it is hard to do maintenance on a moving car…So we are taking this opportunity to overhaul our internal workflow and add new capabilities to impact our customer experience. Some projects will take time, but we are already making significant progress. Again, I am humbled by our team’s dedication and enthusiasm to build and collaborate so quickly.

As I have learned, you never know how your company culture is coming along until it is tested. And we are certainly being tested, across all aspects of our values and again I am impressed and proud of the team’s efforts. While it is hard to say we are thriving in these uncertain times, especially when you look at some of the numbers, but today it is not all about the numbers and we are clearly making progress. And with that, we are coming together and taking the time to find the opportunities and our business values, along with our outlook, remain strong.

Lastly, to our teammates safely at home, I think of you often and continue to encourage you to post your updates on our company communication portal. We will be back together, and stronger than ever, soon.

Humbly and Gratefully yours,

Will Andrew