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Embedded LED light panel

With state-of-the-art technology and design, the flagship OmniSheet provides the most consistent light output and true-to-life color rendering.

Fully custom

With embedded LEDs, OmniSheet can be cut into custom sizes, shapes, curves and bends allowing for one-to-one design matching.

High 95+ CRI

Powered by the revolutionary OmniChip, OmniSheet delivers the best light distribution on the market and is tested at a CRI of 95+.

Long lasting

With embedded LED construction, OmniSheet is extremely durable and has a lifespan of 70,000 hours.


Kiosk Backlighting

Retail displays featuring high-end brands in cosmetics, liquor, jewelry or watches demand high-quality lighting. OmniSheet is the best option to keep the display slim whilst still ensuring bright, even illumination that really enhances the product display.

Shelf Lighting

OmniSheet is a made-to-order , high-quality LED light engine that provides a smooth, even distribution of light across the surface of any display shelves without requiring compromise on design values.


With the same quality construction of the original Fawoo panel and superior, consistent light quality with up to 70% lower power consumption, OmniSheet makes any space look fresh and new.


Providing 15% higher CRI and minimized hotspots on panel edge, OmniSheet is an easy solution for recessed mounting into drywall feature walls.

Large Format Displays

Delivering the best light distribution on the market(tested at a CRI of 95+), OmniSheet is an excellent light source for slim light boxes, stencil cut light boxes or other types of signage.

Wall-to-Wall Lightboxes

Backlit signage adds depth and dimension to any storefront. With custom sizes and fully tunable colors, OmniSheet lets you create the backlit signage that’s just right for your needs.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Input Voltage12V DC
24V DC (Standard & CCT)
Power Consumption2.4 W/ft (Low Wattage Option)
4.4 W/ft (Standard)
5.5 W/ft (CCT)
Wire Size20 AWG 2 wire (Standard)
22 AWG 3 wire (CCT)
WiringEach panel must have direct connection to power supply. Do not wire
panels in series.
ConnectorStandard 5’ (1500 mm), optional 10’
(3000 mm)
2.1 / 5.5 mm barrel plug (standard)
Bare wire (CCT)
CertificationUL listed (E346146),
UL recognized component (E362079)
Product Details
Part Number6 mm - 121614
8 mm -121814
MountingMounted with screws, Z-clips or edge
clips / standoffs
Operating Temperature-30 °C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only (indoor)
Thickness5/16” (8 mm) & 15/64” (6 mm) - Standard
5/16” (8 mm) - CCT
Minimum Size2” (50 mm) L x 2” (50 mm) W
Maximum Size118” (3000 mm) L x 59” (1500 mm) W
Weight1.95 lbs / sq ft (9.54 kg / sq m)