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Edge-lit LED light panel

Engineered for incredible value through energy efficiency, OmniEdge delivers smooth, even illumination in an ultra-slim & lightweight offering laser etching that is optimized for panel size resulting in cost effective solutions.

Choice of fabricating process

With OmniEdge, you can choose
from standard V-Cutting or optimized
laser etching that provides
strong surface brightness (lux) at
a great value.

SuperSlim Profile

A mere 4 mm in width, OmniEdge
has one of the slimmest and
most lightweight light panel
profiles available.

Smooth and even
light distribution

The OmniEdge LED light panel
provides smooth and consistent
illumination with an evenly
lit panel from the edges to the


Product Shelving

The OmniEdge Edge-Lit LED lighting panels are a dream come true for those seeking a uniform backlighting solution for retail environments and is a great choice for lighting up shelves.

Display Kiosks

With super bright lighting delivered through edge-cut technology, OmniEdge is a high-quality light-guide panel with glare-free illumination that is perfect to bring out product features in retail environments.

Feature Walls

The clean and even light distribution of OmniEdge provides a modern, practical alternative to traditional fluorescent troffers in any custom dimension that is required.


With an ultra-modern slim edge-lit design, OmniEdge is the logical choice for backlighting wayfinding solutions and reduces the hassle and expense of replacing bulbs/tubes every so often.

Mall Signage

The bright OmniEdge edge-Lit LED panels offer even light distribution and add a great look to any commercial space with acrylic light guide to allow the edge-mounted LEDs to disperse light evenly across the acrylic lighting.

Storefront Signage

Storefront signage lit by OmniEdge makes its presence felt whenever it’s installed—whether it’s a shopping mall, the exterior of a storefront or an office building.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Input Voltage12V DC
24V DC
4.7 W/ft
Wire Size20 AWG - 1 ft, 3ft, 5ft
Connector2.1/5.5mm barrel plug
CertificationUL listed (E346146),
UL recognized component (E362079)
Product Details
Part Number4mm VCut - 121444
6mm VCut - 121644
4mm Laser - 121454
6mm Laser - 121654
MountingMounted with screws, Z-clips or edge
clips / standoffs
-30 °C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only (indoor)
Thickness5.4 mm for panel width < 30”
7.4 mm for panel width > 30”
Minimum Size2“ (50 mm) L x 2” (50 mm) W
Maximum Size5.4 mm - 96” (2438.4 mm) L
x 30” (762 mm) W
7.4 mm - 96” (2438.4 mm) L
x 48” (1219 mm) W
Weight4mm - 1.26 lbs / sq ft (6.4 kg / sq m)
6mm - 1.53 lbs / sq ft (9.8 kg / sq m)