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2 LED diode cuttable super bright lattice

Designed to meet the dual requirements of cost-efficient large format lighting and high brightness levels, LumiCurtain offers bright, even illumination with an energy-efficient design for interior spaces or large format graphic backlighting.

Premium option for large format

Forward facing with an optically clear lens, the LumiCurtain has a super wide beam angle of 170° making it the best option for large-format lighting.

Super bright and even light quality

Designed to meet the requirements of cost-efficient large format lighting and high brightness levels, LumiCurtain delivers high luminous efficacy (120 lm/W).

Customization options

LumiCurtain is sold in lengths of 20” affording ease-of-installation with the correct wiring tension for suspended applications.


Kiosk Backlighting

The unmatched brightness of LumiCurtain makes it a relevant option when retailers are looking to draw attention to products on shelves.


With the visual noise surrounding customers, getting them into a store is only half the battle. With LumiCurtain, you can remind them of the relevance of your product through well-lit and well-placed lightboxes.

Feature Walls

Offering an energy-efficient option for interior lighting, LumiCurtain is often used to illuminate feature walls(both, single and double sided) with bright light that offers coverage of almost 180°.


Providing ease-of-installation with the correct wiring tension for a suspended application, LumiCurtain offers bright, even illumination for ceilings despite having a reduced number of diodes.

Storefront Signage

The hustle and bustle of malls can make it challenging for your visual message to stand out. The brilliant LumiCurtain cuts through the visual noise to capture a passer-by’s attention.

Large format lightboxes

Display Signage are extremely popular in large malls where people need to be drawn into stores. Using the super bright LumiCurtain is the perfect solution for backlit informational and advertising signage.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications and instructions guide have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

LumiCurtain General Information

Lumens439 lm/ft
Input Voltage24V DC
Wire Size20 AWG 2 wire
WiringEach panel must have direct connection to power supply. Do not wire
panels in series.
CertificationUL recognized component
Product Details
Part Number410100
Model #BL24-XXPXX
Beam Angle170° optically clear lens
MountingMounted with screws, Z-clips or edge
clips / standoffs
-30 °C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only (indoor)
6” (150 mm)
Dimensions19 11/16” (500 mm) L x 21/32” (16.8
mm) W x 1/2” (12.5 mm) H