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8 mm wide LED light strip









The OmniView is an 8mm LED light tape that is offered in multiple wattages to meet any kind of lighting requirement. Besides the standard white, OmniView is also available in CCT and RGB options.

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Low wattage options

Meeting multiple lighting use-cases, OmniView is offered in multiple wattages with more diodes per foot than the legacy option.

Self-adhesive with 3M tape

For ease-of-use and a DIY level of convenience, OmniView LED Light Strips uses 3M adhesive tape as a mounting option.

Multiple Variants

Color consistent with Omnify range

Powered by OmniChip, the all-new OmniView LED Light Strips have the benefits of absolute consistency across the entire Omnify range of products.


Shelf Lighting

With multiple wattage and color options, OmniView is a great choice for shelf lighting in a retail format.

Perimeter Lighting

OmniView handles in-ceiling and in-wall corners as well as wall to ceiling transitions with ease and blends seamlessly into the most complex architectural spaces.

Cabinet Lighting

OmniView is perfect for accent and under-cabinet lighting anywhere in homes or commercial establishments.

Trim Lighting

Replacing traditional glass neon tube lighting of structural fixtures in airports, storefronts and carports, OmniView with it’s flexible length and chainable runs is perfect for trim lighting.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Lumens1.2W: 98- 102 lm/ft
2.4W: 190-213 lm/ft
225-243 lm/ft (CCT)
193-218 lm/ft (RGB)
253-278 lm/ft, W-190 lm/ft (RGBW)
Input Voltage12V DC/24V DC (Standard) 24V DC (CCT & RGB)
1.2W/ft & 2.4W/ft (Standard) 4W/ft (CCT)
4.4W/ft (RGB)
ConnectorQuick Connecting Wires (sold separately)
3000K/4100K/5300K/6500K : Quick connector on one end, 2.1/5.5mm barrel plug on the other end, 20 AWG 2 wires wrapped with jacket in color black in 6” length.
CCT : Quick connector on one end, bare wire on the other end, 22 AWG 3 wires in 6” length
RGB : Quick connector on one end, bare wire on the other end, 22 AWG 4 wires in 6” length
RGBW : Quick connector on one end, bare wire on the other end, 22 AWG 5 wires in 6” length
CertificationUL Listed (E346146)
Product Details
Part NumberWhite - 320806 CCT - 321003 RGB - 321006 RGBW - 321206
Beam Angle120°
Mounting3M Adhesive tape
Width8mm (W)(Standard) 10mm (W)(CCT & RGB) 12mm (W)(RGBW)
LED Count/ft18/ft (Standard, RGB & RGBW) 54/ft (CCT)
Pitch Length16.7mm (Standard, RGB & RGBW) 5.6mm (CCT)
Cuttable Length12V: 3 LEDs 2” & 24V: 6 LEDs -4”(Stan- dard)
12 LEDs 2.6”(CCT)
6 LEDS 4”(RGB) & 12 LEDS 8”(RGBW)
Maximum Run12V/1.2W/ft Standard - 23 ft 12V/2.4W/ft Standard - 16 ft 24V/1.2W/ft Standard - 40 ft 24V/2.4 W/ft Standard - 23 ft
24V CCT- 16 ft
24V RGB -16 ft 24V RGBW - 13ft
EnvironmentDry location only