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OmniStick Slim

Slim, high-density LED light bar

Offering higher lumens, the OmniStick Slim is the only choice of linear LED lighting for installations with ultra-shallow spaces like cabinets, retail shelving and architecture highlights. With a 4 mm pitch, OmniStick Slim offers a visually linear line of light.

Tightest pitch in LED strips

For near-linear lighting, OmniStick Slim is available in a super-tight 4 mm pitch with zero hotspots.

Slimmest profile, near-flat mounting

With a super-slim profile (5/16”), OmniStick Slim is a great choice for applications that have a shallow installation spaces.

Wide variety of mounting options

OmniStick Slim has several mounting clip options such as screw-in, adjustable and corner angle making it infinitely usable.


Shelf Lighting

One of the most popular use-cases for OmniStick Slim in shelf-lighting for products.

Accent Lighting

Besides working as a terrific accent light, OmniStick Slim also highlights interior decor and is a great choice for ambient lighting in a retail format.

Stair/Step lighting

With its super-slim profile, OmniStick Slim is suitable for use in any architectural application and is perfect for small-space situations like cove or valence lighting.

Ambient & Task lighting

With the ability to mount on the wall and ceiling, in a corner, or pendant mount from a chain or ceiling, the OmniStick Slim is highly versatile in where it can be used and has an innate architectural aesthetic

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Lumens326-360 lm/ft (Standard) 185 - 166 lm/ft (CCT) 155 - 178 lm/ft (RGB)
Input Voltage24V DC
3.7 W/ft
3.6 W/ft (CCT) 4.4 W/ft (RGB)
Wire Size20 AWG wire (Standard), 22 AWG 3 wire (CCT), 22 AWG 4 wire (RGB)
CertificationUL Listed (E346146)
Product Details
Part Number221301
MountingMounting clip, adhesive magnets, adjust- able bracket, 90 degree connector
-25 °C (-13 °F) ~ +65 °C (+149 °F)
Minimum Size3“ (L) x 11/16” (W) x 5/16” (H)
Maximum Size118“ (L) x 11/16” (W) x 5/16” (H)
EnvironmentDry location only