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OmniStick Corner

Corner profile LED light bar

Built with OmniChip









Built with the tightest pitch LEDs for virtually no hotspots, the OmniStick Corner can light up both sides of tight angles with even light distribution. With a special LED type that creates uniform light with no hotspots, the OmniStick Corner is perfect for usage in retail displays and architectural applications.

Corner-fitting lighting both sides

With angled channel extrusion, you can light up the corners in cabinets, closets, behind cabinets and wherever you need angled lighting on both sides.

Tightest pitch with zero hotspots

For near-linear lighting, OmniStick Corner is available in a super-tight 4 mm pitch with zero hotspots.

Wide variety of mounting options

With new profiles to meet design requirement, OmniStick Corner can be attached with mounting clips or adhesive magnets.


Shelf Lighting

With a 45°angle corner- mounted profile, the OmniStick Corner is ideal for shelf lighting(both front lighting and back lighting) and adds an indirect softness while creating a feature in the room.

Feature Lighting

Suspended, surface or wall mounted, recessed or semi-recessed, lines are everywhere in retail environments. With OmniStick Corner, creative lighting schemes that draw attention to feature walls are easily achievable.

Step Lighting

Ideal for toe kicks, step lighting, under counters or on ledges, OmniStick Corner is a great choice for a variety of architectural design applications.

Recessed Lighting

A true part of architecture, OmniStick Corner can be used to  create clean invisible lines or shapes of light and blend in seamlessly with the ceiling or wall surfaces, drawing attention to facets of modern architecture.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Lumens326-360 lm/ft (Standard) 185 - 166 lm/ft (CCT) 155 - 178 lm/ft (RGB)
Input Voltage24V DC
Power Consumption
3.7 W/ft
3.6 W/ft (CCT) 4.4 W/ft (RGB)
Wire Size20 AWG wire (Standard), 22 AWG 3 wire (CCT), 22 AWG 4 wire (RGB)
CertificationUL Listed (E346146)
Product Details
Part Number221501
MountingMounting clip, adhesive magnets
-25 °C (-13 °F) ~ +65 °C (+149 °F)
Minimum Size3” (L) x 5/8” (W) x 5/8” (H)
Maximum Size118” (L) x 5/8” (W) x 5/8” (H)
EnvironmentDry location only