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4mm slim LED light strip

Unmistakably, the OmniLine is the thinnest LED light tape on the market with a minimal 4mm profile. Applicable in several situations, OmniLine fits even the smallest spaces with incredible uniformity.

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Thinnest LED strip on market

Perfect for tight fit applications, the ultra-thin OmniLine is only 4 mm wide and can be hidden away in the most difficult of places.

Self-adhesive with 3M tape

For ease-of-use and a DIY level of convenience, OmniLine LED light strips use 3M adhesive tape as a mounting option.

Color consistent with Omnify range

Powered by OmniChip, the all-new OmniLine LED light strips to have the benefits of absolute consistency across the entire Omnify range of products.


Display Case Lighting

The all-new precision-engineered OmniLine is the newly enhanced LED tape light, leading the industry in providing lighting performance and quality to retail environments.

Shelf Lighting

One of the most popular use-cases for OmniLine is shelf-lighting for products since OmniLine is a linear lighting solution designed to provide high quality natural LED light with total linear dispersion.

Accent & Task Lighting

OmniLine brings clean lines and clear light to commercial LED or residential office lighting interiors and is perfect for use in building feature lighting, pathway lighting, step/stairwell lighting

Edge Lighting

Despite having a tight pitch, the OmniLine provides even and diffused lighting, reducing the need for multiple optical layers, simplifying architectural lighting design and maximizing optical efficiency.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Lumens175 - 197 lm/ft (Standard-2.4 W) 350 - 390 lm/ft (Standard-4.4 W) 185 - 166 lm/ft (CCT)
155 - 178 lm/ft (RGB)
Input Voltage12V DC/24V DC (Standard, CCT & RGB)
2.4 W/ft (Standard)
4.4 W/ft (Standard & RGB) 3.6 W/ft (CCT)
ConnectorQuick Connecting Wires (sold separately)
3000K/4100K/5300K/6500K : Quick connector on one end, 2.1/5.5mm barrel plug on the other end, 20 AWG 2 wires wrapped with jacket in color black in 6” length.
CCT : Quick connector on one end, bare wire on the other end, 22 AWG 3 wires in 6” length .
CertificationUL Listed (E346146)
Product Details
Part NumberWhite - 320404 RGB - 320605 CCT - 320602
Model #White - LLS12-FLEX-AI-W / LLS24-FLEX-AI-W
RGB - LLS12-Flex-CI-WN / LLS24-Flex-CI-WN
CCT - LLS12-RGB-1 / LLS24-RGB-1
Beam Angle120°
Mounting3M adhesive tape
Width4mm (W) (Standard) 6mm (W) (CCT & RGB)
LED Count/ft36/ft (Standard) 12V- 59/ft (CCT) 24V- 60/ft (CCT) 25/ft (RGB)
Pitch Length8.3 mm (Standard) 12V- 5.1 mm (CCT) 24V- 5.2 mm (CCT) 12 mm (RGB)
Cuttable Length12V: 3 LEDs 1 inch (25 mm) (Standard) 24V: 6 LEDs 2 inches (50 mm) (Standard) 12V: 12 LEDs 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) (CCT) 24V:14 LEDs 2.8 inches (71.2 mm) (CCT) 12V: 3 LEDS 1.4 inches (35.56 mm) (RGB) 24V: 6 LEDS 2.8 inches (71.12 mm) (RGB)
Maximum Run12V - 8.25 ft (Standard) 24V- 13 ft (Standard) 12V - 6.6 ft (CCT)
24V- 9.9 ft (CCT)
12V - 5 ft (RGB) 24V- 6.6 ft (RGB)
EnvironmentDry location only (indoor)