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Customizable LED Light Bar









High brightness and adaptability are packed into this slim linear LED light bar.
LumiStick is elegant, very easy to install and long lasting. Made for designers
and installers alike, LumiStick can be customized to suit any project. Turn to
LumiStick to illuminate recessed areas.

LumiStick LED light bar is strong, durable and shock-proof. Available in high CRI.

Adjustable Beam

Specify LumiStick’s beam angle
as either 0° or 27°.

Custom Cut

Custom cut in any length up to 8′ (2.4 m). It can also be placed end to end for a dramatic look.

Easy Mounting

Choose from magnetic brackets that pivot for an angled beam and angled mounting options that are great for quick installs.


Shelf Lighting

A very popular use-case for LumiStick is in shelf-lighting of products from above or behind to highlight the features or visual appeal of the product concerned.

Display Lighting

Cabinet accent lights have to provide optimal lighting to make them a practical investment, but with increasing customization of basic cabinetry design in retail, LumiStick also produces outstanding aesthetics.

Accent Lighting

With a bright even light and a super-tight 8 mm pitch which means more light with fewer hotspots, LumiStick can easily be used as a form of accent lighting in architectural arrangements.

Edge Lighting

Given it’s easy adaptability, LumiStick can easily be used for trim lighting of large architectural fixtures.


For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Input Voltage12 VDC & 24 VDC (Standard)
12 VDC (CCT & RGB)
Power Consumption4.0 W/ft (Standard)
4.5 W/ft(CCT & RGB)
4.3 W/ft (static red, static green, or static blue)
Wire Size20 AWG 2 wire
20 AWG 3 wire (CCT)
22 AWG 4 wire (RGB)
WiringConnect each light bar to a power adapter directly or with a spider connector provided the total power consumption of all connected light bars must be less than 80% rated wattage of the adapter
CertificationUL listed (E346146)
Expected Lifespan50 000 ~ 70 000 hours
Color Temperature3000 K, 3500 K, 4100 K, 5300 K, 6300 K, CCT, RGB
Static red, static green, static blue
High CRI≥ 90 available in 3000 K, 4100 K, 5300 K (12 VDC only)
MountingMount with screws and mounting brackets, C clips or magnets
Operating Temperature-30° C (-22 °F) ~ +40° C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only (standard)
Light Angle0° (standard)
27° (optional)
Minimum Length 3” (76 mm) L
Maximum Length120” (3048 mm)
DiffuserDV1: 13/16” (21 mm) W x 1 13/16” (30.2 mm) H

DV2: 13/16” (21 mm) W x 15/16” (23.8 mm) H