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Omni Studio Light

Hard PCB LED light board

As printed circuit board technology has continued to evolve,
Omni Studio Light has paved the way for a host of exciting
product innovations and deployment in use cases.

Super bright with
tunable diodes

Omni Studio Light has tunable diodes that enables operators to turn up the settings allowing it to shine through ambient light in stores.

Forward facing diodes

Omni Studio Lights come with
forward facing diodes to allow
for optimal brightness.

Compatible with
Omnify solutions

The Omni Studio Light is built
to provide lighting controls that
work for all of the products in the
Omnify range.


With behind glass touch-activated LED controller for mirrors, Omni Studio Light is a working solution for changing rooms in malls/retail stores allowing shoppers to control the lighting environment.

Omni Studio Light controls direct light, eliminating shadows and distortions, to create the best environment in which shoppers can see the results of make-up application.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Input Voltage24V DC
19.6 W/PCB board
Wire Size22 AWG 3 wire
Product Details
Part Number410700
Model #RS727-24-196-1018
Operating Temperature-30 °C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only
Dimensions10700 - 1.5” X 28 5/8”
410800 - 1.5” X 29 5/8”