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Focus 2"

2” large-format frameless LED lightbox

Available at length and width suitable for large format displays, the Focus 2” lightbox delivers bright and even light through LumiLattice, Matrix or SideBeam thus making it the perfect option to back-light modern and beautiful graphic displays.

Custom-built to scale

Focus fabric lightboxes can be built into custom sizes and shapes at scale which allows for one-to-one design matching.

Slim profile

With a depth of around 2 inches, the Focus fabric lightbox has a slim profile for an ideal-for-large-format fabric lightbox.

Multiple light engines available

The Focus LED lightbox uses the LumiLattice, Matrix or SideBeam light engine to provide the brightest lighting for backlit fabrics.



Produced to exacting specifications resulting in a quality product designed to last, Focus is built for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer’s attention in a retail format.

Large Format Graphics

The Focus 2″ lightbox is designed for long term professional backlighting applications and is perfectly suited to bring any large graphic to life.

Display Cases

With the most lighting options available for large format frames, the Focus fabric LED light box is a great choice for backlighting any form of signage with application in trade shows, OEM usage, construction projects, POP displays.

Storefront Displays

The Focus 2″ lightbox is a cost-effective and popular choice for businesses looking for illuminated signs and can be placed outside as a storefront sign or under awnings to highlight the business.

For your ease of reference, all product specifications have been provided in the form of a ready-to-download PDF.

General Information

Lumens330 lm/ft
Input Voltage24V DC
4.1 W/ft (Standard)
Wire Size20 AWG wire
WiringEach light box must have direct connection
to power supply. Do not wire
light boxes in series
Product Details
Part Number8222
Beam Angle170°
CRI>80 (Standard)
MountingWall mounted with supplied hardware
-20 °C (-4 °F) ~ +50 °C (+122 °F)
-30 °C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)
EnvironmentDry location only (Standard)
Depth2 5/64” (52.8 mm)
19 11/16” (500 mm) L x 21/32” (16.8
mm) W x 1/2” (12.5 mm) H
6 LEDs / PCB bar
Maximum Size480” (12192 mm) L x
120” (3048 mm) W
Frame Details
Frame MaterialAnodized frame
Frame ColorSilver / Custom color
Fabric Silicone
Beading (Gasket)