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Illuminating surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings, our backlighting options provide visually smooth, uniform light across large and small surfaces.

Where can you use backlighting?

Retail Displays

From adding accent light to an area to adding the perfect layer of backlighting, retail displays with LED light panels are the perfect solution for illuminating products. Further, LED light panels are safe for retail displays because they do not generate UV rays that cause colors in inks/dyes to fade.


Backlit graphics are an aesthetic addition to any commercial settings like restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, and even offices and are one of the most widely-used visual communication solutions. Easy to handle and extremely bright, light panels offer the best available price-quality ratio.

Shelf Lighting

Designed to create solutions of high visual impact, LED light panels are ideal for creating illuminated shelves and shelving units that enhance the surrounding environment, thus drawing the customer’s attention to the products on display.



LumiSheet is the original Fawoo LED light panel with patented technology to provide the best edge-lit illumination, that has revolutionized lighting across industries. With patented technology and design, the premium LumiSheet provides consistent light output, true color rendering and a lifetime of performance.
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With state-of-the-art technology and design, the flagship OmniSheet provides the most consistent light output and true-to-life color rendering.
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Adding a RGB light engine to industry-leading illumination, OmniSheet Chroma supports you in building out all aspects of your personalized design in full-blown color.
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Engineered for incredible value through energy efficiency, OmniEdge delivers smooth, even illumination in an ultraslim & lightweight offering laser etching that is optimized for panel size resulting in cost effective solutions.
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To create custom shapes and exacting bends in lighting installations that almost defy physics and thermoformed to give it a permanent shape, OmniForm offers the beautiful, smooth lighting quality of OmniSheet with the ability to create LumiFlex-like curves and bends.
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The only diffused frameless LED backlighting solution that offers a 3D effect, OmniFrost combines the superior light quality of OmniSheet light panels with smooth, even light dispersion through an optically clear white acrylic diffuser providing a qualitative solution for spreading and guiding light.
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OmniFrost Chroma provides full-color frameless diffused LED backlighting with a 3D effect through a white acrylic diffuser by using the OmniSheet light engine offering color customization.
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LumiLite offers the unmatched, bright, even, light quality of LumiSheet that makes graphics come to life, in a lightweight and easy-to manipulate LED light panel. With a discreet low profile (only 2 mm thick), LumiLite is the perfect light engine for all signage applications where space and aesthetics are valued.
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The slimmest-in-class profile (2 mm),LumiFlex is a revolutionary edge-lit panel offering bright and even illumination designed for customized and embedded
lighting applications. Perfect for compact and narrow spaces, LumiFlex has a minimal profile that’s a mere 2 mm thick.
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The Matrix LED light sheet is the smallest cuttable size in the industry (1 LED) and is extremely versatile in application with no diffusion issues. With low power requirements, it generates a very low heat signature and the tight pitch LEDs eliminate hotspots.
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Lightweight and flexible, the OptiMatrix LED light sheet is unparalleled in its adaptability for creative lighting designs. With a clear 160° lens on each diode, the OptiMatrix ensures consistent lumen output and even light dispersion with a low wattage profile.
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Designed to meet the dual requirements of cost-efficient large format lighting and high brightness levels, LumiCurtain offers bright, even illumination with an energy-efficient design for interior spaces or large format graphic backlighting.
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A value-priced LED lattice system, LumiLattice is available in lightweight, easy-to-install rolls, which allow for a perfect lighting matrix. Combining high quality components with tighter pitch and super wide beam angle, LumiLattice ensures uniform backlighting for retail, interior design, architectural and fabric light box applications.
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For oversized light boxes, the SideBeam is the perfect energy efficient solution for large format graphics. This side-lit light engine has a high lumen output and tight pitch with a focused narrow beam angle (13° x 39°) for brighter and more uniform distribution of light across longer distances.
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Quad Module is our remarkable flexible LED system that delivers brilliant light in an easy to-install format. Requiring a mere 2 inches of diffusion, Quad Module is a perfect option for small channel letters as shallow as 2 inches in depth and is equally usable in tight spaces for any signage product.
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