Decorative lighting is more than a secondary function of architecture. Today, decorative and accent lighting has become an extension and a part of the overall design which has led to architects designing the lighting of a room to highlight structural design as well as convey emotion.

The DLC Advantage

Recognizing the impact that well-thought out lighting can have on architectural features, DLC prides itself on providing industry-leading LED lighting solutions to match your specific architectural design requirements.

We specialize in made–to–measure lighting solutions.

Panel Lighting

Ideal for illuminating surfaces such as walls, floors or ceilings, panel lighting provides visually smooth, uniform light across entire surfaces.

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Accent Lighting

The perfect way to highlight certain elements in physical spaces, acccent lighting provides visual separation or sets the ambience for layouts.

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Cove Lighting

Contour lighting provides designers the creative freedom they are looking for, while still delivering a high-efficient solution.

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Feature Walls

Providing functionality and flair, feature walls can accent architectural features and artwork, add task lighting or serve as décor.

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Select range of architecture lighting products


A combination of LumiSheet LED light panels with a sign white acrylic diffuser, Lumifrost is illuminated across 5 surfaces(the top and the 4 edges) to provide a 3D look, LumiFrost is relied on as an energy–efficient, frameless, elegant signage solution with no hot spots.

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THe original Light Guided Panel, LumiSheet offers the utmost design flexibility, available in any shape, temperature and size. Patented for maximum brightness and a longer life, LumiSheet suits any design.

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Because of its ingenious flexible and lightweight design, the LumiSheet Flex brightens even the most challenging locations and is often used to achieve uniform display lighting, discreet under cabinet lighting or to accent curved edges

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LumiCurtain is ideal for illuminating large features, especially when maximum punch and brightness are a priority. It can be optimized to suit different applications by specifying module length, horizontal and vertical module spacing, as well as module direction for single or double face use.

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Why DLC?

Lighting retail spaces has everthying to do with planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations.

With DLC, you can creatively manipulate light to create a remarkable experience for customers that translates into revenue.

No matter how complex a design, no matter how rushed an order, you can trust the in-house order processing specialists at DLC to meet any design challenges. Custom is our middle name.

“The beautiful thing about DLC is that their solutions are built just for you; fully custom. They don’t require extensive physical modifications to be installed, they work around the existing layout delivering the brightest and sharpest edge-to-edge performance of any lighting solution out there—and all products come backed by an unparalleled warranty which is backed by the expertise and support DLC brings to the table.”

Tadao Ando


“Working with the DLC team transformed our redevelopment project into an iconic, world-class visual experience, and we found the LumiSheets displays are superb examples of LED lighting design and ingenuity, allowing us to reflect the installation theme and brand style in an uncompromised way through their custom lighting solutions. Their consultative approach and the speed of execution helped us hit a very challenging timeline.”

Bill McArthur


“When you look at decorative lighting solutions, you have to look at DLC. And then you see how evolved the LumiSheet range of products are and their relationship with physical space. We've always been able to integrate the LED lighting options by DLC in spaces in a harmonious, true-to-design manner—this very unique to DLC.”

Gerry Adams

Business owner


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