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When to consider alternate backlighting options?

A study from Lux claims that good in-store lighting can help to guide visitors through the store while increasing the average spend per customer. While lighting may just be an after-thought for many brand owners, lighting can offer much more than just ambience. Light, this most basic of elements could make or break your brand, by highlighting your merchandise or brand in the most flattering way. It can also impact the experience of customers, affect employee productivity, and create a space that your customers want to flock to—or reject outright. And let’s not forget costs-lighting also plays a huge role in the operational costs of physical stores. Which means that if you’re on a budget, you must experiment with backlighting elements in a way that will make them stand out like beacons and bring attention to your exhibits. Many design considerations can have dramatic effects to the overall impression and in turn affect cost. As the name suggests, backlighting involves illuminating structures or objects from behind. The excellent technique can be used to illuminate signage, walls, counter-tops, or even the floor. It helps to achieve a gorgeous effect in places with dimmer ambient lighting.

Why is backlighting important?

We live in a world where multiple things are screaming for our attention, often simultaneously. In this world, an illuminated display is more likely to get noticed, especially in comparison to one that is not #lit. Strategically used backlighting not only increases the impact and influence that your brand has on onlookers, but also turns your flat graphics into striking murals that are easily visible from farther away. Artful lighting technique increases product absorption by fully conveying the color, depth, detail, texture, and beauty of the product being displayed. This enables the customers to engage with the product and appreciate its attributes. Backlighting also complements existing space lighting to create a more positive shopping experience. One of the most significant benefits of backlighting is its long lifespan. Depending upon the type and how it’s used, a backlit solution may last for up to 50,000 hours. This makes backlighting the optimal solution to augment your architectural space, even when on a shoestring budget. Although there is a plethora of options for backlighting when diffusion depth is large, LED panels like LumiSheet offer the lowest diffusion while backlighting. That said, there is an inverse relationship of diffusion to cost: lower the diffusion the higher the cost. Many designs require low levels of depth for diffusion space. While panels provide the lowest depth possible, new developments allow for some groundbreaking alternatives including having depth as low as 1”: the newest addition to the lighting industry, the Matrix light sheet offers the balance of flexibility with low diffusion depth.

Benefits of using LED Light Sheets

The Matrix LED light sheet is a small cuttable LED sheet that is highly versatile with no problems with diffusion. It can be used in different situations to give the best illumination possible, offering several benefits including cost-these cost savings are driven by shipping costs. With LED light sheets, one can ship enough material (assembled on-site) to light large surfaces at a fraction of the cost required to ship LED light panels. These incredibly flexible lighting sheets offer a unique lighting solution in that they are endlessly customizable to any size, design, and shape. These ultra-thin LED light sheets provide limitless possibilities to precisely meet your specific lighting requirements. They provide the highest lumens per square foot while providing uniform luminance at the closest distance between the material (backlighting surface) and the light engine. In short, this unique product is indeed a lighting designer’s and installers dream. It can be bent to shape by hand – thus offering immense scope for customization. Another feature of this sheets is that several of them can be linked together to illuminate larger areas. They diffuse the light for optimal effect, without creating any hot spots. High number of diodes and low wattage allow for incredibly low diffusion as low as an inch, but connect up to 7 sheets together with a single class 2 power supply. Because of their amazing lighting properties, the Matrix light sheets are increasingly being used to backlight stone surfaces such as those used in waterfalls or bullnoses. Backlighting the translucent stone accentuates the natural qualities of the material by emphasizing the veining and enhancing the stone’s depth, light sheets can be bent to shape to match the surface of the stone allowing for zero dark spots. Illuminating the material makes it seem like a piece of art that captures the focal point of the architectural space. A major benefit of using light sheets is the ability to customize the lighting on-site. Unlike LED light panels, which need to be manufactured to a specific design and size, LED light sheets are versatile in that they can accommodate changes in design easily with no wastage or increase in costs. In spaces where more depth is available or applications with various clearance needs, the best option to seek after is lattice lights. Lattice is ideally suited for feature walls, suspended ceiling, or other large applications. LumiCurtain-a lattice product by Omnify- provides extremely uniform illumination for large surfaces with a 2″ or more diffusion depth.

Backlighting Using Matrix LED Light Sheets

Light sheets have a custom light-guiding pattern that ensures even illumination, resourceful light management, and minimum energy use.
  • Stone Surfaces Due to their incredible flexibility, Matrix LED light sheets can be used to backlight stone surfaces such as waterfalls as well as bullnoses.
  • Kiosk Backlighting This is an excellent option for retailers looking to draw attention to their products on the shelf. Backlighting a kiosk helps to deliver a standout message by offering subtle contrast from other visual media in a noisy place. You can use this to convey the crucial messages with which you want your visitors to walk away.
  • Countertops Matrix LED light sheets help to create an even illumination and give definition to any structure that exhibits your products. Backlighting marble or stone countertops help to create an intricate and luxurious palette of colors and variations to create visually impressive interiors.
  • Signage Displays Using light to trigger an element of interest and graphic excitement, backlit signs are visually captivating. They can be used to draw attention to a retail storefront or highlight a product or service.
  • Ceiling Applications Light sheets are remarkably lightweight and due to this attribute, customized light sheets can be used in tricky locations such as ceilings. Apart from being lightweight, these light sheets are also super easy to install – particularly perfect for ceiling applications.


LEDs allow lighting to be fully incorporated into any interior or architectural elements, thus expanding the opportunity set but also creating new challenges as it means that deeper thought is required to ensure that the correct lighting is chosen and integrated into existing elements. Light designers leverage a subliminal human instinct, called phototropism that draws people towards the light. Leveraging this simple phenomenon and using light in the right places, the designer can direct people’s path of experience and promote their interaction with space. With a high degree of customization, the Matrix LED light sheet appeals to the broader lighting market (including DIY home renovators) owing to its ability to create jaw-dropping designs and its ease of integration. If you want to enhance your brand strategy and engage more visitors, please reach out to our lighting architects and system integration specialists at Omnify Lighting-a leader in offering advanced lighting solutions for commercial architectural and residential illumination at various budgets.