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Our Top Retail Lighting Trends

Last Modified: September 28, 2017

We love the innovative spirit alive in the retail design community. Here are the three best and brightest retail lighting trends we’re seeing at DLC LumiSheet.

Play with Shapes

LumiSheet Round Custom Shape
LED panels don’t need to be square. We make them in virtually any shape you can think up. LumiSheet’s embedded LED technology and CNC cutting means we can create intricate shapes while maintaining premium quality and even high CRI.

Go 3D

LumiSheet Thermoform Panels
For big wow factor, add curves, twists, and turns to your retail lighting. DLC’s award-winning Thermoform LumiSheet panel lighting can be custom shaped. Imagine LED panels creating an artistic ripple across your space, wrapped around columns, or hugging the angles of your store’s architecture. Also try LumiSheet Flex, our malleable LED light panel.

Get Hands-On

Omni Control lit mirror application
Customers now expect their shopping environments to be more interactive. When you put mirror lighting controls in their hands, they can see merchandise in the light that best suits their needs. Our Omni Control color tuning touch pad for mirrors is easy to implement and customize. It’s ideal for fitting rooms, jewelry, and cosmetics displays.

Find The Right White

LumiSheet LED light panel CCT

Color temperature is a key component of the human centric lighting movement that is taking the retail industry by storm. This is because the tone of white you use in your store can dramatically change the way consumers engage with your brand. We evolved to get things done in the blue afternoon sun and to wind down in the warm light of evening. Therefore, blue tones help us focus and see objects better, while warm lighting helps us relax. Many of our LED lighting products come in a range of color temperatures. Also, our variable white products allows tuning of color temperature on schedule or manually.

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We at DLC pride ourselves on innovating for retail and architectural designers. If you’ve got a design challenge, we’re happy to work on new solutions with you.