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Consumer experiences in physical environments should produce powerful responses.

As we look back on the last decade — a period of profound consumer and technological change — it is remarkable how much we have accomplished in our steadfast dedication to help consumers and brands all around the world. At Omnify, our products and their supporting accessories are designed and built to coordinate and provide unified lighting solution.


2002 »

Fawoo was founded in 2002 and introduced the world’s first light guided panel, LumiSheet, which revolutionized the retail, architectural and signage segments.

2012 »

With the evolution to DLC LumiSheet in 2012, the company became known for it’s unquestioned dominance in light panels with a steady focus on
the retail segment.

2019 »

A new chapter begins with the name Omnify. It stands on these 17 years of quality and lighting performance as a leader in the custom backlighting industry. Our focus remains the same; a relentless path of innovation, designed and built to service our customers.


We have production facilities to match your quality, speed and pricing requirements


Design Flexibility

Omnify offers the most customizable options for your brand across Size, LED Specs, Shapes, Color Temperatures and Wattage.

When you know exactly what you want, we can build it exactly the way you imagined it.

Fully customizable options for your designs, with in-house Technical & Design support.

Optimized Production

Providing unified solutions with manufacturing consistency from order-to-order, Omnify creates solutions to match your quality, speed and pricing requirements. With common components and controls across our production process, we manufacture our lighting solutions in entirety, both, in North America(Los Angeles and Toronto) with ancillary production in China and South Korea to meet any timeline.

Just-in-Time manufacturing across our four facilities providing solutions to match your unwavering demands

Price Variability

At Omnify, we offer the best product-to-price equation on any of your designs. With customization options like panel depths, pitch and production location, we can engineer a design solution to meet your budget.

The correct combination of the variables we offer will provide the desired performance at the right price