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Get the Most Out of Custom Shaped Panels

Get The Most Out Of Custom Shaped Panels

Wanting curved LED panels, but not sure if they’ll show your displays in the right light? Here are a few things to look out for before you make that order:

Expect same options as our square panels

Our custom shaped LED panels have the same high CRI, variable white temperatures and full color RGB options as our standard sized panels.

LumiSheet Thermoform PanelsDon’t limit your designs

If you’ve got a vision, share it with us – even if you think it can’t be done. We’ve made some pretty intricate shaped panels for logos and artistic designs. Further, curved LumiSheet can work for 2D and 3D “Thermofom” projects. DLC can create panels in all shapes and sizes, including curvy and wavy ones.

Put curved LED panels anywhere

Shaped LumiSheet can be installed almost anywhere. Applications for curved panels include graphics and signage backlighting, as well as lit ceilings, floors, fixtures and shelving.

Prolong panels with heat sink

LumiSheet With Heat SinkWhile cool to the touch, LEDs accumulate heat internally. Without managing this heat, panels suffer from:

  • Color change, as the phosphor on the LEDs can degrade quicker in high heat situations
  • A lack of uniformity

DLC’s patented Heat Sink strip conducts heat away from the panel, helping keep LEDs in an optimal state, dramatically increasing lifespan and minimizing degradation.

Ensure heat sink is frameless

Our patented heat sink is located at the back of each panel, but competitors must put theirs in a frame that surrounds the panel, limiting flexibility. This means that only DLC can create custom-cut shaped panels that benefit from heat sink.

heat sink

So go ahead and dream up the perfect panels to make your products stand out. And remember that we don’t just make custom curved LED panels. Our Textura LED lightboxes can be made in custom shapes, as well.


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Thermoform LumiSheet LED light panel
LumiSheet Custom Shape with Heat Sink
LumiSheet LED light panel curved shelving application
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